• PRETRIAL RELEASE: Defendants charged with a federal offense will appear before a judicial officer for arraignment(normally a U.S. Magistrate Judge). If released on a bond pending trial, the Magistrate Judge normally requires the defendant to report to a U.S. Probation/Pretrial Services Office by telephone, in person, in writing or a combination of the three.
  • PROBATION/SUPERVISED RELEASE: Offenders on probation, supervised release, federal parole or pretrial diversion are subject to a number of financial, statutory, standard and, in most cases, special conditions. Fines or restitution are examples of financial conditions typically ordered, Statutory conditions require anyone released on federal supervision to contact the nearest U.S. Probation Office within 72 hours of release from custody, prohibit them for committing another local, state or federal crime and orders them not to possess any illegal controlled substances. Standard conditions are restrictive and/or require prompt reporting. Restrictive conditions govern travel, alcohol use, firearm possession and associations. Reporting conditions require prompt notification to the probation officer about changes in residence, employment, arrest or other police contacts. Special conditions normally require offenders to participate in treatment programs for substance abuse, mental health and sex offenders.
  • HOME CONFINEMENT/LOCATION MONITORING: Unless otherwise ordered by the Court, all home confinement ordered in the Northern District of Georgia, whether as a condition of pretrial release or as a post-conviction sentence, is monitored through the use of electronic monitoring equipment, generally requiring participants to wear an electronic ankle bracelet. Normally, those on home confinement are only allowed out of their residence for gainful employment and medical emergencies. They are required to call their probation officer on a weekly basis to update their schedules.
  • SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION: An offender convicted of a qualifying sex offense(current or past conviction) must register as a sex offender with the local sheriff within 72 hours of being released from custody or placed on supervision. The offender must also register within 72 hours if there is any change in the required registration information, other than residence address. If there is a change in residence address, the offender must register this information within 72 hours prior to moving to the new address. Registration is required annually for Life. (Mandated by the O.C.G.A. 42-01-12) , Sex Offender Registration and/or Federal Public Law No. 105-119, Title 1, section 115, 111 Stat. 2240, 18 USC 3563(a) and 3583(d).