SURRENDER TO RELEASE - Making a Successful transition

Designed to assist offenders who are faced with surrendering to prison for service of sentence. The GOAL of the program is to present an understanding of the self-surrender process, as well as the role of the Court, Bureau of Prison ( BOP), and United States Probation.

What is Self-Surrender?
Self-Surrender is when, at the time of sentencing, the Court imposes a custodial sentence but does not take the defendant into custody at that time.
The defendant is allowed to report to a designated location at a later date.
Unless a date is specified in Court, defendants are usually notified by mail when they are designated to a facility and where to surrender for service of that sentence.

What is Designation?
Designation is the process the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) goes through to prepare a location for the defendant to spend their prison term.  This process allows the BOP to place each designee in the appropriate facility so that their needs can be met appropriately.

What is the Bureau of Prisons (BOP)?
A location where the defendant will serve their prison term.  The BOP provides services and programs to address inmate needs, structure use of leisure time, and facilitate successful reintegration.  The Bureau of Prison website can be found at

Funds Sent to Inmates must be sent via the following

  • United States Postal Service Money Order ONLY
  • Quick Collect Program
  • Express Payment Service

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