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Emergency Preparedness

What to do/Where to report in an emergency situation:

During the course of supervision, emergency situations can arise that call for evacuation of a specific area.  Depending upon the nature of the emergency and your circumstances, one of the first important decisions is whether to stay where you are or evacuate. These types of emergencies can include natural disasters (hurricanes, forest fires), technological and accidental hazards, terrorist hazards, pandemics, and home fires.

In a situation where you have been mandatorily evacuated, please do the following:

Try diligently to contact your officer by phone to have permission to leave your approved residence.  If you do not have time to do so, please leave a message for your officer as soon as possible.
Make sure to leave a phone message on your officer’s work phone number, leaving a number for your officer to reach you and the address that you will be staying at, along with the date and time that you have left. Please call and leave another message with your officer when you have returned home.